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Have you ever thought to yourself,

“Getting results on LinkedIn is so HARD!

Creating fresh content that stands out is increasingly difficult.

Everyone seems to be echoing each other. And I don’t even know where or how to start!

It is so difficult to maintain a consistent posting schedule.

I start with good intentions, but as workload increases, social media tends to get neglected.

It is just so tough to generate meaningful engagement with limited reach.

Despite regular posting, it’s frustrating to see little engagement, making it feel like I’m shouting into the void.

Generate a month’s worth of original, impactful content in just half a day, schedule it to appear on your feed at peak engagement times.

Forget about the daily effort and stress of “What should I post about today that’ll create an impact on LinkedIn? Or “Oh, no! I forgot to post on LinkedIn today, my audience engagement will go down!”

We have all been there

You promise yourself that you’ll be more active on LinkedIn!

Beyond the 9 to 5 Grind

It’s time you built that network of people who can offer you better career opportunities.

Pitch Your Amazing Startup

You need to get in front of the right people, you know LinkedIn is your best bet to connect and engage with them.

Already Built a Great Product?

You just need to reach out to and get the right audience interested to make it a success!

The Salesman of the Year

You want to keep in touch with your potential clients for whenever they are ready to convert.

Your Plan

A great strategy to create an impact this year!
  • Dedicatedly take time to post daily on LinkedIn.
  • Keep an eye out for posts from those important connections so you can be the first to comment and be noticed!
  • You are motivated and have all the right intentions!

The Reality

Life happens, and...
  • Come day 3 your streak of daily posts on LinkedIn is already broken!
  • You’ve completely forgotten to track and comment on posts by others.
  • Your engagement metrics are even lower than last week’s.

A simple Solution that

Helps you be consistently active on LinkedIn, even with your already busy schedule

Gets you noticed for your meaningful voice and influence.

Upgrades you from a rookie to a smart conversationalist in the eyes of your entire professional network!

All this, without the effort of daily content creation; even without the worry of having to post daily on LinkedIn!


Level up your LinkedIn game with AI-powered, personalised content creation and engagement without the stress and effort of daily content creation!

"Create Content WITH AI, and not by AI"

Create content authentically

  • Create content that actually includes your thoughts, opinions, and insights.
  • Posts that work with the ever-changing LinkedIn algorithm for maximum impact.
  • Our AI only enhances your content such that it still reflects your voice.

Original, personalised content In just a few seconds

  • Whether you are starting from a blank page
  • You have an idea but don’t know how to express it just right, or
  • You are inspired by an article you recently read

Not just text content

  • Create eye-catching visuals like carousels
  • Garner the maximum engagement on LinkedIn
  • No other tool, expertise, or extra effort required

Get your engagement soaring

  • Schedule your posts for release at peak times for maximum visibility, or
  • Queue them for release as per your pre-set schedule
  • No more worry about daily posting

Engage authentically, efficiently and effortlessly

  • Be the first to comment on new posts and get noticed
  • Get post summaries instead of spending time reading it whole
  • Generate smart comments that include your opinions
  • Interact authentically and build genuine connections

Raftwise solves all your LinkedIn woes so that you can

Command your LinkedIn Influence Effortlessly

Without Raftwise

Staring at a blank screen!

Multiple failed drafts that are unsatisfactory, frustrating, and a waste of your precious time!

Risking plagiarism and losing credibility!

Posting content that’s outdated or irrelevant.

Require multiple tools like ChatGPT, Canva, Grammarly, etc., as well as, more time, and expertise.

Being flagged as unoriginal AI content.

Don’t have time or forget to post content manually daily.

Coming across as unnatural or inauthentic with AI comments.

With Raftwise

Multiple ideas to choose from based on your niche!

Beautifully crafted post on the topic and idea of your choice, including your thoughts & opinions, in your tone and voice.

Repurposing the article you like such that it retains the essence but reflects your original insights and analysis, in the tone of your choice.

Get notified of trending content; transform it into fresh content with your personal touch and shine as the thought leader in your industry.

Beautifully crafted post on the topic and idea of your choice, including your thoughts & opinions, in your tone and voice.

Create eye-catchy visuals like carousels in seconds in just one app with no expertise.

Authentic content that’s built from your thoughts and only enhanced by AI.

Easily schedule a month’s worth of content in half a day for peak times engagement.

Be recognized as an eloquent conversationalist with thoughtful comments in your voice.

See for yourself! Here are 2 posts


Austin Clay

Founder & CEO at Acme Corp


We often think we're being productive, but are we really?
Here are some generic tips that might help with productivity.

Assume tasks will take longer than expected because we often aren't great at guessing how long things will take. Group similar tasks together to avoid switching between them too much. Try to have more hours where you aren't interrupted by setting aside time for focused work. Don't avoid your hardest tasks because getting them done early can help you feel less stressed. Productivity isn't always consistent. The important thing is to find your own pace and adjust as needed.

What’s your go-to productivity tip?








Austin Clay

Founder & CEO at Acme Corp


We often think we're being productive, but are we really?
Here are some generic tips that might help with productivity.

→ Plan for tasks to take longer than you think. It's crucial to acknowledge that we're often poor at estimating task durations.

→ Process similar tasks at the same time to avoid task switching and increase efficiency. (Learned this from Tim Ferris)

→ Increase uninterrupted work hours. Designate specific time blocks for deep work.

→ Don't put off your most difficult tasks. Tackling challenging tasks head-on can free up creativity and reduce mental burden.

Remember, productivity ebbs and flows.

The key is to understand your own rhythm and adjust accordingly. What's your favorite productivity hack?








Features you will love!


Convert your ideas, insights, and stories into viral posts that work with LinkedIn’s algorithm and resonate with your audience!
  • Post Scheduler
  • Content Helper
  • Idea Generator
  • Blog Post to LinkedIn Post
  • YouTube to LinkedIn Post
  • Tweet to LinkedIn Post

Scheduling & Publishing

Streamline your content visibility process with Strategic Scheduling and Publishing

Post instantly for those spur-of-the-moment inspirations, schedule like a boss for peak engagement times or queue your genius for the perfect reveal on autopilot.

  • Post Now
  • Schedule a Post
  • Add to Queue
  • Save to Drafts


Turn into the ultimate LinkedIn conversationalist with Smart Engagement

Craft spot-on comments for your network’s latest posts that help you stay noticed, stay relevant, and above all, stay effortlessly you!

  • Thoughtful, spot-on Comments
  • Automatic Post Summaries
  • Multiple Comment and Tone Types

All-in-one Dashboard

Manage your posts, track your post streak, and view your posting schedule, All in One Place

Effortlessly manage, and grow your LinkedIn performance - from scheduled posts to saved drafts, everything you need to excel on one dashboard!

  • Streamlined Post Management
  • Consistency Tracking
  • Insightful Performance Comparison
  • All-in-One Dashboard

Grow your LinkedIn Network, Faster. Better.

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